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Adam LazarusFounder & Business Engineer
Any info from makers? Where's it pull from?
Brian BerlinCo-founder, GradSquare
@adam_lazarus hello, i built this a couple weeks ago. i was just looking at the analytics and realized someone posted it here, sorry i didn't respond sooner. I live in new orleans and built it to help navigate the city during the weeks of jazz fest. @mrapierce is correct, the data comes from bandsintown.com but I'm not affiliated with bandsintown.com in any way, just using their data. I'm happy to answer any questions.
JammingPierceDesign technologist in Vancouver, Canada
I appreciate the simplicity of it, but I'm surprised it's devoid of branding. Are the makers of this behind bandsintown.com - where all of the data is pulled from? Can't say I've ever heard of that site before, but not a bad way to promote it!