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I love Pandora but it seems to always surface Billboard top 100 hits or far-too-familiar music. This is a neat way to uncover music you might love but never heard before. Here's the Mos Def tree:
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@rrhoover Do you use the Add Variety feature? I feel if you add 3-5 additional artists, Pandora does a great job keeping the station fresh.
As an obsessive music hunter for Musicgeeks (, this is pretty interesting. I wish it wasn't built on Youtube; this is what Soundcloud should do well and doesn't. I'm growing more fascinated with Spotify's underlying graph, which is powered by Everynoise / Echo Nest (and the human touch of the a genius I've been following for 10+ years, Glenn McDonald). There's this fascinating intersection in music discovery of human curation and algorithms / similarity trees / graphs. The latter often has no chance of really blowing your music landscape wide open. The former mandates quite a bit of trust and even patience, as you'll almost inevitably be fed songs that don't land for you. Then there's the desire spectrum, on which on one hand you have people who really just want the deepest dive possible on a genre like Southern Rock, and on the other hand people who want to be exposed to different types of music across many or all genres. Nevertheless, the more experiments happening in this space, the better!
Hi guys! I'm glad you like my web app. I find it useful because it does fill a little niche - it helps me to find new bands quickly in a genre-specific way rather than a crowd-sourced (or crowd-biased) way. As mentioned, since its more genre oriented it alleviates receiving the same Top40 radio-friendly bands (most of the time). Personally I've already found six bands that I feel like I should have been listening to all along! I've got a lot of great comments for improvements and I am working on a new version (Yellow Belt) that will try to follow up on the comments (including the much asked-for increased repertoire of Norwegian metal bands!). There's always room for improvement, so I would love to hear more if you have ideas for improving or comments about how it has helped you or if you enjoyed it! And if your interested in the inner-workings you can check out my blog: and leave a message if your curious about something! Thanks!
I would have preferred if the playlist generated was for spotify vs youtube.
@_jacksmith I like this idea, will work on that for the Orange version (I've already added improvements for the Yellow version which I'll release tomorrow).
Listening to my Ed Sheeran playlist atm. Not bad.