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I've been following Merrick and this project for years! So happy to finally see it coming together.
@jimmydouglas thanks, man. Excited to start putting the Music Impacts brand out there.
Thanks @samcambridge for hunting us! As @jimmydouglas said, we've been working on the Music Impacts brand for a while now. My last company worked with @pitchfork, @mtv, and others, and I saw a big hole in the music industry: love. I know that sounds cheesy, but that is the motivation behind the brand, and especially this product. We're building a new global music network from the ground up and are building experiences for the love of music. No criticisms. No ratings. No reviews. Just memories. Music Impacts Everything. Disney wouldn't be anything without music. Cubs games wouldn't have been the same without Harry Caray belting out Take Me to the Ballgame. And that song that changed your life is going to be with you forever. And yet, we believe the entire music industry has been commoditized to a point of utility (tickets streams, etc.) and ego (you should listen to this track, I found this band first, etc.). Our goal is to build a brand that overlaps and integrates all other music products/service, while providing unique and authentic emotional experiences that can replace the long-lost record store experience. We've been hunted a little earlier than expected, but in the next couple weeks we'll be rolling out our Artist Issue Covers -- our same daily questions but with an artist/celebrity feature, kind of like a magazine cover -- and featured artist stories. We have a great new music venue in Los Angeles, and have about 3,000 artists onboard already for Q&A, performances and upcoming artist-specific tools that are going to start slowly rolling out over the next few weeks. We're also developing original content, festivals, merchandise, all sorts of stuff -- and our partner API is going to be announced with a few major partners -- [Artist]'s Music Impacts [Brand], for instance, and our first philanthropic venture will be Music Impacts Cancer. Happy to answer any questions. But I'd rather you answer one of ours. :) What Music Impacts You?
I've been involved in the beta and love the project. Everyone loves music. Everyone discusses music. But there’s not a consolidated place for these discussions. Music Impacts gives fans that platform to share those stories and have those conversations.
@stoneage including stories about working with @eminem? :)
Love the idea can't wait to try it but do you have a web service also or just an app, the app is not in my country store... (israel)
@gilto1024 Thanks! We're working on both opening more territories on the app as well as a web version. We have a pesky bug that riddles all of our UK beta testers, so we decided to release a US-only version during this soft launch period. We hope to have a global (English-only) version up in a week or so.
@gilto1024 you should be able to find it now.