Musca provide a real time update on developers commit status in your system menu. It provide easily available hotlink to the code commit webpage or the related CI status page!

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Hey Product Hunters! This is my first app on Product Hunt, looking forward to your constructive feedback. Problem 😡 I work on many Github Project, as a team, and as an individual. Whenever an issue occurs, it takes me quite a number of clicks on Github to get to the correct link I wanted. Although there is #slack or other mediums for notification, but different teams have different ways of setting it up. I started to think I could save so much ⏱️ if I can just access the direct link to where the problem is. My Solution💡 I created Musca in my free time to scratch my own itch. I think that a tray app is the best way to go. Whenever an issue happens, I receive an alert and is able to directly 🖱️click on a link to the Github commit or go to the particular CI job. Please let me know what you think about it ☺️