Mus + Audiobooks 3.0

Listen to your audiobooks with music simultaneously

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Hi Hunters! I offer 10 promo codes for the first 10 people who will comment below and share your own interesting and valuable audiobooks/ courses! I'd like to discover something awesome 🙂
Isn't this really confusing/distracting? I cant even listen to a podcast while I work - do people really listen to music and audiobooks at the same time?! Who are these super-humans?!!!!
@bentossell Well Ben, I tend to listen to an audiobook and listen to a soundtrack. It gives you an additional depth. I totally agree that I couldn't listen to a book and Rihanna in the same time ;)
I think this is pretty neat. I listen to a lot of audiobooks on my commute and sometimes the narrator's voice is very monotone. Having some background music could help me pay more attention to the narrator and the road. @piotrszwach "How to win friends and influence people" is a must read.
@esbvn Thanks Esteban! How can I send you a promocode? I can't send a direct message on Twitter.
I very much want to try this. An epic soundtrack could take many books to another level.