Murkstom Sheet

Build a native mobile app using Google Sheet

Turns spreadsheets into beautiful and user-friendly apps, get instant updates everytime you modify your CSV. No coding skills required.
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I’m confused. Native apps would be ones that you download in the Apple or Google App Store, would they not? The examples shown look like one PWA and one standard mobile-friendly website. Also, to say “crappy PWAs” above but then have as one of your features “we also support PWAs” is odd.
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@nicksimard We deliver APK and IPA files that's what we do, we support PWA on a webview container, we don't build PWAs, the main advantage is that you can install it via app stores and optionally add a native drawer menu
Hi ProductHunters, we build 100% truly native mobile apps and not crappy PWAs.
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@usfslk what makes PWA crappy?
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@aladin_bouzerd agreed. Really don’t like the attitude of the makers @usfslk
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What feature do you wish Murkstom had?
Web version with link sharing
Shopify integration
Push notification
User management
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What might be a use case for this? Not clear from the video.
@anferneec Primarily it's a directory app, you can have for ex. a list of employees and their details, a list of speakers at conference/event, a restaurant menu/ingredients, or a list of you receipts/orders/ect.. Using services like IFTTT or Zapier you can update the sheet on specific triggers, so really the possibilities are endless
Great idea !! Congrats Youssef !!. I think google sheep integration will be trend a while.