Rich synonyms. Smart suggestions. Lightspeed launching. It's how the emoji picker should be.
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just as a heads up: in German your product name is slang for something that you probably don't want to associate with.
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@gopietz Same thought immediately after I have read it. πŸ˜†
I’ve used Rocket for a long time now:
@drewbkoch Came here to say this - what's the difference between the two products?
@drewbkoch @lothwe Thanks for asking Drew & Laura! πŸ˜ŠπŸ™πŸ» Further explanation could be read on this thread:
Hi Hunters! πŸ‘‹ Today I'm launching a macOS app that I've been wanting for some time. It's an emoji picker that you could count on. 😊 Picking the right emoji takes time. And it slows you down. 😰 You should remember the exact keyword of the emoji 😰 You should scroll here and there endlessly 😰 You should deal with useless animation that native emoji picker has I couldn't count how much time I was frustrated by it. Picking the right emoji has been immersed in my daily workflow for a long time. So I know it needs a change. ✊ Introducing Mumu! 🐢 It's how the emoji picker should be. 🧿 Rich synonyms – Find emoji using your everyday language 🧿 Smart suggestions – Reduce your press and scroll routine 🧿 Lightspeed launching – 2x faster than native emoji picker. So it keeps your focus ongoing 🧿 Easy shortcut that's friendly for your hands 🧿 Privacy first – We don't send anything except your feedback and license check I'm launching with a limited spots of discounted price. So grab the deal before it runs out! πŸ”₯
Cool idea. @wilbertliu I'm trying to hit command + space + up arrow it does not work.
@aazar_ali_shad The actual shortcut is Command+Shift+Space Aazard. Hope that works. πŸ™‚
@wilbertliu This is a great product but with an abysmally picked product name. In certain regions, especially in African pidgin, mumu means "fool" or an idiotic person or generally someone/something that sucks. Just letting you know πŸ˜”
@wilbertliu Command + Shift + Space does nothing, no dialog opens. There appears to be no way to manually open from the menu either...
@onedurr Hey Matt! Already DM-ing you on Twitter. Let me assist you. πŸ˜‰
I've been using Mumu for a few days now and I've come to vastly prefer it over the regular emoji picker on macOS. The support for diverse vocabulary makes it a lot easier to find the right emoji for the situation. It's especially useful when I am writing tweets with emoji lists and I don't have to remember my weird search terms that I use to find my emoji normally. And of course I also love that it's keyboard compatible. ;)
@_pretzelhands You summarize it better Richard. Thanks a lot! 😊
πŸ™Œ the landing looks amazing. Going to try it out, and best of luck with the launch Willbert πŸŽ‰
@suibinhong Thank you so much Suibin. Appreciate it! πŸ™