A magnetic charger for your phone

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What about apple magsafe patent?
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They don't have MFi certification yet which means they can not assemble, use, sell or say Lightning much less buy real chips. They can buy / use offbrand "lightning" components but best of luck to you on that. Since they haven't even asked for the first stage of the MFi review (and been rejected, because they will be) you will lose your money . Just an FYI. 99% sure you will never receive this product or a refund. Sorry.
@duanewilsonsf Not saying you're right/ wrong on this, but, any links etc to back up these claims? If nothing else it would be good research for anyone else looking to produce a similar product.
Hey @pointandstare mostly experience and watching the space and working on / advising two hardware projects, see these links: then search the MFi db ( to see if there are any magnetic devices available The magsafe patent is about cord orientation, works from both sides and they show the device plug in from either orientation…. Also, see Parcable's experience with MFi ( and info from Reliance ( because the approval is based on the entire design and product, not just asking for the right to use the chip/pin…. My problem with the campaign is that the places where they show the actual pin don't show the screen long enough (so, the error doesn't come right up that the chip is not supported - or no charging will happen) and they don't show the actual chip they used so you can check the pin and see the actual object (that part is blurred and nothing else is). The main images that show the lighting connector are photoshopped and CGI illustrations.... at least they were smart enough to use the grey metal look as that indicates a real lighting chip/pin set. Apple’s how to spot a counterfeit ( None of that is to say they can not get approval for this, maybe Apple will approve it! I think they should... but It’s just that using an MFi manufacturer (required) and using a legal chip that won’t destroy your phone (required) are not cheap. Well beyond the amount raised here and well longer in time frame than the delivery date given they have not engaged with Apple yet … If they do it, awesome, I just wouldn’t invest in that business or product as specified…. That’s my 2c on that :D
@duanewilsonsf that's more like a $2,000 answer, not 2c. Thanks.
@duanewilsonsf @pointandstare I'm glad to see a real hardcore analyst at prodhunt. Praise is great. But information is king.
Looks like znaps
@esbvn Pretty much. Were you a znaps backer?
@senthos @esbvn Not OP. But I am. Sadly still waiting for the final product. I actually forgot about it till recently when they sent an email explaining why another delay. I'm still quite looking forward to it.
@vladyslav_c @esbvn I'm also a backer, and am still waiting. Have't given up all hope, but have very little remaining
I love this. Just like my mac💻
I wish they had one for android :(
@mattahorton oh wow, it looked like it was apple only! thank you