Electronic music generated in real-time just for you

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Wow, this is incredible. I'd love to learn more about how the music is generated, but it sounds goooood. It reminds me of a recent conversation I had about the future of AI and art. At what point do machines replace traditional art forms like music, painting, and even film?
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@rrhoover which is even more interesting if you know about Hegel's art dialectic AND Hegel's master/slave dialectic (basically what a robot rebellion would be about)
@rrhoover Exactly. Would be nice to see the makers here explaining how they generate music like this algorithmically.
@rrhoover or the discussion around ?
Not keen on having to enter my email before I can play it...
@bentossell Really...? To be honest, seeing as that's the only piece of data they ask for, I thought it was kinda fair and easy.
@chrisunderdown I'm just the type of person who hates giving out my email/phone number before seeing the value of something...probably a side effect of signing up for too many things in the past and getting a messy inbox 🙈
@bentossell haha I understand your pain point, my inbox is ridiculous
@bentossell You should use Blur by Abine. In browser I can create a randomized email address and just have it de-activate later
@bentossell @chrisunderdown you should be using soimething like Throttle then. 😉
The music is very good, I even changed the styles and seems to work very well. Impressive.
I am really loving this. <3 Is there any android app coming? I really did not expect to work it so well. I clicked play out of curiosity and haven't paused listening as I am writing this. It's more than 10 mins now. :-) Feedback: Please change hover button effect. That "slash" make it look like do not click. I recalled this -
This is awesome! To @rrhoover's point about the future of AI and art, I definitely think that in less than 5 years we'll be hearing music on the radio that was partially (or entirely) created through AI. Lots of very cool stuff happening in this space.