Mr. Smith Goes to Prison

A year behind bars taught me about America's prison crisis

I read Jeff's book this fall after meeting him during a book tour. Incredible book about what it's really like inside prison.
Thanks so much, Sarah. I wrote the book to try to humanize the 2.2M people inside U.S. prisons, and to highlight the reasons for our alarmingly high recidivism rate (~70% re-offend within 3 years. I hope to jump-start the conversation about ways to transform our prisons and halve that sky-high recidivism rate, which would save billions of taxpayer $, dramatically reduce the suffering of prisoners and their families, and jump-start the nation's economy. The book is also a meditation on mistakes - my own and those of my fellow prisoners - and how to come to grips with them, and overcome them. Will be around if people have questions - thanks again for posting!