Mr. Pip's Double Cross

A fun dice game, masquerading as a beautiful home decor.

Mr. Pip's Double Cross is a modern version of the classic dice game known as many names including- Liar's Dice, Bluff, Mexicali, and Perdo. It is a wild party game for all ages. It doesn't hurt that, unlike the traditional cardboard box that gets forgotten in your closet, it assembles into a beautiful sculpture that you leave out as a home decor.

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Denny Liao
Denny LiaoMaker@dennyliao · Co Founder at Mr. Pip
Our startup, Mr. Pip, is reinventing tabletop games in order to bring people from all walks of life together to socialize, by offering games that are not only fun to play, but beautiful enough to be left out as décor, serving as a reminder to play instead of being hidden away in closets. Our first product, Mr. Pip’s Double Cross, is a modern re-imagining on the classic dice game that’s been played around the world, known as many different names including- Liar’s Dice, Bluff, Mexicali, and Perdo. The game typically played with simple cups and dice. It is a wild, fast, stimulating, and hilarious party game that transcends language barriers and cultural differences. What’s unique and magical about our product is that when you finish playing, the game assembles into a beautiful and curious sculpture that you leave out to sparking conversations and serves as a reminder to play. With the infusion of game play into an elegant form we like to call ‘Dis-play-able’, we have received many awards and recognition, including Red Dot, IDSA, Dieline, Core77, Spark Awards, and A’Design. We are excited to share with you with the hope that you could help us reach to the world! Thank you!