Mr. Friendly

Video advertisements on urinals. For real.

Mr. Friendly is a startup that makes smart toilets that serve ads in the restrooms.

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Free peeing is over? No way!
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@_selcukahmet If you upgrade to Pee-pee Pro, you get the ad-free version 🀣
@daviswbaer Is there any discount with 12 month subscription? πŸ€”
@_selcukahmet Yup! 10% off if you pay annually vs monthly
This is the juicero of urinals. Why not just put screens on the bathroom wall? You have to rip out your existing urinals and replace them?
Do they have forward facing cameras for a revolution in selfies?
@scotty_bowler I guess that's one way to innovate on the dick pic
I'm just gonna pee on the display
Not the future we want, but we probably deserve this