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MaX Falstein reviewedMozilla Facebook ContainerTake control of all your Facebook data

Containerisation of all facebook pages and services


Facebook is still be used; it only works for Facebook (for now)

Adding a sandboxed container for a single website is a temporary fix to an ethical and legal problem whilst the technical solution has been provided to developers and professional users in the form of Ghost Browser 2.

For Firefox users, this is a good start; it has worked well on my Firefox test rig.

I have been using Ghost Browser since it was launched on Product Hunt and Ghost Browser 2 since it was made available for beta testing.

The containerisation of the sessions and tasks in Ghost Browser 2 will not be fully replicated in any mainstream browsers but a few containers should be included in every browser for social media services until and possibly after legislation updates occur.

MaX Falstein has used this product for one day.