Moving Minds

Train your body and mind in less than 10 minutes a day

Moving Minds is a practical and simple approach to train the body and mind together, a framework of tools that will help you develop yourself and become every day a little bit better. The methodology used is inspired by the power and wisdom of the ancient culture of Shaolin, applied to modern times and modern problems.

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    one practice to rule them all! ;-) no more just fitness &/or meditation. with MovingMinds you get both in a single package that saves u time


    you will be longing for more...there are only 12 lessons now. But apparently more are coming soon

    If you are like me, and maybe meditation never worked for you for many reasons try the "Meditation in Motion" of the Moving Minds Method.

    Or if, again like me, you've always, or just recently, neglected your physical condition because you are super busy with work, you will find it very satisfying, a discipline that mixes both Body and Mind training in one.

    The techniques are based on the ancient practices of Shaolin Kung Fu but adapted to our contemporary hyper busy lives. I've been doing it for a couple of months and strongly suggest this path to everyone.

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I've seen a lot of apps and products focused on meditation, but not too many that also bring in the aspect of the body as well. @siestetix What was your inspiration for making this? How did you get involved with training the mind and body?
Hi @jakecrump! The roots of Moving Moving come from Shaolin culture, in which body, mind and spirit are the three fundamental components of every human being. This three components are connected with the three Shaolin treasures: Wu, Chain and Yi. Wu refers to WuShu which means 'martial art' in Chinese, but is more commonly known as Kung Fu o Gong Fu (which means 'ability acquired with hard work and dedication'). Chan refers to the Chan (Zen) philosophy. Yi refers to traditional Chinese medicine (among which Qi Gong is one of the most known practices). As you can see the Shaolin culture is vast and its holistic approach is what in the end really let me fall in love with this practice. As you pointed out today there is a strong interest in mindfulness and meditation, leaving aside the body which we believe should be taken in more consideration, together with the mind. We believe in the Shaolin culture there are many useful elements for the modern human being and we want to condense them in a program of several online courses, from the very basics to more advanced trainings. As you can imagine is very difficult to condense all the knowledge in lessons of 10/15m, so this is our first experiment, that for sure could be improved but we believe is a good beginning of our path.
@siestetix Hey, Thanks for this! Going to use it for sure!