Discover new movies and TV shows in every new browser tab

Nice! "Discover new movies and tv shows, and revisit old ones with every tab. Every tab you open will show wallpapers of a random movie. Watch trailers, get IMDb rating and buy from Amazon." - to many cool "new tab" products out there!
Hi, its great to share MovieTabs with ProductHunt. If you love watching movies/TV shows but have always been lost on options on which ones to watch next or just want to revisit the ones you have watched before, try out MovieTabs. With every new tab, you will be greeted with artwork from the movie/TV show, the iMDB rating and the trailer. With the settings, you can also choose what you want to see and filter between upcoming, top rated, popular and current movies. We would love to hear your questions or suggestions!
As if I don't procrastinate enough haha
Lovely idea.