MovieSpot NYC

New York movie tour/scavenger hunt on your phone

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MovieSpot NYC surfaces locations where movies were filmed. Next time I visit NYC, I'm trying this (cc @nbashaw).
Like @andrewmason's upcoming Detour app, it encourage people to explore and learn more about a city.
@rrhoover Hey, Ryan, thank you so much for giving us a try! Here are another 2 Cofunders @hsiang16 @kevinmoviespot
Hi guys This is Kevin, one of the creators. Thank you so much for all the positive feedbacks. Also please check out our facebook page, there are cool pictures we took with movie scenes using the app. Basically you take your own photos and combine them with movie scene pictures.
I saw a very similar pitch at a startup weekend here in LA a year or so ago. Fun idea. Cool to see it live.
This looks awesome. Wish it'd been out last month when my wife and I were in the city for a couple of weeks!
This is great. If you want to see where current movies & TV shows are being filmed in NYC, check out OLV: