Simply move files between clouds

MoveBot helps you move your files, photos and data between cloud storage. It doesn't matter if it's a couple GB between Google Drive and Dropbox, or 1000's of TBs from S3 to Wasabi or Backblaze. MoveBot scales to meet your demand.
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I just got off a Zoom screen share with the founder, Jayden. He spent over 1/2 hour watching me deal with tech issues with my Dropbox to Google Drive accounts. Then he helped me sync my data. I have over 10 TB of video files from years of interviews. Moving them has been a headache. If you know my work on, you know I like to research companies. I researched every cloud moving company I could find, but often couldn't even figure out what country they were based in, let alone who ran the place. I'm not trusting my data to mysterious companies in unknown countries. With MoveBot, I got a customer support email response fast. I researched the company trusted them. And, I got people who care. As I type this, my files are being moved.