Move Loot

The easiest way to buy and sell used furniture.

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I purchased some furniture from them when I first moved to the Bay area. It was a simple, pain-free experience and we got a heck of a deal for what we bought.
Hmm. Wonder if you could scrape craigslist for 'room mate wanted' listings to get in the door as people set up new living arrangements... maybe get an intern team to hand out pamphlets at open homes... perhaps property managers / real estate folk as affiliates?
I bought an giant L-shaped couch from them for only $350 including delivery. One of the best value purchases I've ever made. So easy.
Great ideas @ReubenMetcalfe - always looking for partners if you have suggestions. Thanks for the loot love @toddg777 and @hackerpreneur! Nothing makes us happier than a happy customer.
I got some awesome Aeron chairs when I moved here from them. Great prices and AWESOME delivery ;) Aeron chairs and costco $40 folding tables.