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I'm seeing more products (specifically Chrome extensions) use the new tab as the primary interface. It's smart. Many people open a new tab hundreds of times a day but only one Chrome extension will own that real-estate. The Android lock screen is a similar and increasingly companies are trying to own this (was chatting about this with @illscience yesterday). Everyone's seeking attention and new channels for engagement. I'm curious if anyone has seen new, creative channels like this.
@rrhoover I smell a new PH daily email theme :) Gotta mention http://nbashaw.github.io/ritual
@nbashaw yeessss. I wonder if anyone's built a platform for the new tab, giving others the ability to plug into this interface w/o installing another Chrome extension and surfacing new tools regularly. It could also surface information that's contextual to your location, past behavior, what your friends are doing, etc.
I made this extension to keep me motivated and stop me procrastinating. It ticked over from 24.5 to 24.6 the other day which somehow really put things in perspective.
I love this as an elegant solution for the world of personal productivity and motivation products. Super simple, which is hard to do.

h/t to @labnol on finding this amazing chrome app. Let's see if we can get @maccaw in here to find out his motivation on this.
@BlendahTom it'd be interesting if they also had an add-on that told you how what other people had achieved at your age (anyone from Zuckerberg to Da Vinci.) Now that i think about it that could also be a horrible idea.
@eriktorenberg hehe.. I like where you are going with that though. It's funny that everytime I open up a tab I am conscious of it now. I've tried all the other anti distraction apps and none of them have stuck.
This is frigging brilliant @maccaw! I'm on 29.88 so every time I see this it fires me into productivity overdrive :-)