Motion Stills by Google

Turn live photos into cinematic, beautiful GIFs

#2 Product of the DayJune 07, 2016

Turn your Live Photos into epic, cinematic GIFs and video collages with Google’s advanced stabilization technology.

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Not for Android, seriously?
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@andrew_kary Because is uses Apple's Live Photos
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@andrew_kary does Android record *live* photos?
@triptych @andrew_kary Sure. Samsung has had it an option in their camera app for years. It is done a bit differently though and is called animated photos.
@rhodesnathan @andrew_kary Nexus6p has smart burst mode in camera which creates GIF effects.
Really cool project by Google for stabilizing live photos. Really impressive stuff Google wrote about it here on their research blog. h/t @ow
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@gabriel__lewis @ow somewhere, in the cosmos, my father is smiling. When he was the head of the photo lab at NASA, he taught the astronauts how to shoot photos in the weightless environment (which has its own challenges). ☺️
Reminds me of Instagram's Boomerang:
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@rrhoover so let me get this straight, your job is commenting on cool shit errrday? Dang I'm jealous.
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@rrhoover I'm already here everyday, can I get paid? jkkkk :P
@rrhoover stabilization of Hyperlapse and animation of Boomerang.
The amount of people complaining about this being only on iOS is hilarious. Did they even read what the app does? "Turn **live photos** [iOS] into cinematic, beautiful GIFs"
Another piece of Google+, pulled from the core, living on as a standalone app.
@chrismessina How so? This feature is wholly independent of Photos turning bursts into GIFs. Different input, optionally different output.
@chrismessina how is this a piece of Google+? Live photos already move. Google Photos did pull the automagic giffery along with the rest of Google+ Photos but that's old news.
@mattahorton I think you just answered your question. Google+ had Auto Awesome Movies back in 2013. Not identical, but I bet it's built on a related stack of photo technologies. An update in 2014 allowed you to create animated GIFs and photobooth-style images on demand .
@chrismessina My point was that that exists in Google Photos (note the removed +) already.