Motion 2.0

Transform your browser into a powerful work application

Fastest way to get things done in the browser, Motion helps you stay in flow while working. Grouped tabs, one-click access to work tools on any page, customizing web pages, and more - Motion is a layer of productivity on top of Chrome.
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Hey Product Hunt! We've just launched Motion 2.0, a productivity extension for Chrome's power users. If you spend hours working in Chrome every day, Motion helps you get things done faster, be more organized, and stay in flow. We built Motion 2.0 by asking ourselves "if we were to create a new browser for work, what would it look like?" While keeping all the distraction-prevention features of 1.0 (1.0 is a feature of 2.0), we also broadened our approach. After talking to hundreds of users, we surfaced the most painful problems for Chrome power users — most of them fall under a few categories: ★ Too many tabs ★ - we solve this with our tab management features, which let you group tabs together into "subtabs", search instantly for specific tabs, and close unnecessary tabs easily. Intended for people who regularly have 20+ tabs open. ★ Navigation feels cumbersome ★ - getting things done in the browser feels like a struggle (for any task - having to constantly open up new tabs, switch between tabs, or find the right tab). We solve this through keyboard shortcuts that automate your most common tasks. For example: Cmd-Shift-U gives a sneak-peek of your calendar from your current page, Cmd-; opens up an email composer, option-z lets you switch between your last two used tabs. Motion is packed with these time-saving shortcuts. ★ Getting sidetracked by other tasks ★ - we help you stay on track with a Pomodoro timer, a task management system, and a daily report of how you spent your time. ★ Memory & CPU ★ - Our built-in tab suspension automatically puts your tab into sleep if you haven't used it for a while (with exceptions — we don't touch tabs you've pinned or have typed in). ★ Getting distracted ★ - we've built heavily on Motion 1.0 to help you avoid distractions - with customized options for each site like "Hide Youtube recommended videos" or "Hide Twitter trending bar," and customized experience like "Listen to background music only" or "Use Messenger instead of Facebook." ★ Other productivity problems ★ - hard to find Google docs, always re-writing the same sentences, missing meetings...etc. We've built unique solutions for each of them. Pricing: - Free tier: Distraction prevention, productivity report - Pro tier: All Motion features! 14 day free trial, then $6/mo We worked closely with 100 beta testers over the past several months to iterate on our solutions to different problems of the browser, and we feel like they each provide meaningful value now. So, we present Motion 2.0 to you. We know there's a lot we can improve on, so we'd love your feedback — let us know how we can make the browser better for you!
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I’ve been using Motion Pro and it has been easily the most impactful tool on my productivity. 100% worth it
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@thayallans Thanks! Glad to hear that!
@thayallans Very insightful and interesting comment! Well done!
I use Motion everyday! Literally saves me an hour of time!
@daniel_james1 Thanks Daniel!
Been using v1 for a while and love it! Such an improvement over RescueTime. Quick ask for the founders: Some of your new commands conflict with some web software I use. Will you add support for different trigger keys? First one I noticed: Shift+CMD/Ctrl+K is how you import a file intro Figma
@ianjanicki Hey! You can change these shortcut keys! Cmd-J -> Keyboard Shortcuts. Let me know if it works!
@harry_qi Didn't find it. Is changing them only available in pro?
@ianjanicki Ah yes it is - I assumed you were on the pro trial. Shortcuts for pro features should only work on pro though (for example, pressing Cmd-Shift-U shouldn't do anything if you aren't on pro) - so you shouldn't need to change them. Which command are you thinking of changing?
@harry_qi Well I haven't been able to repro it just now, but I got some popups a few days ago that said something to the notion of "this command is only available in pro" which I felt was obnoxious when working on something unrelated to motion :)
Super effective - pro version streamlines my workflow in more ways than I could have imagined!