Stop picking stocks. Invest in Ideas.

#4 Product of the DayJuly 09, 2014
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Shaan Puri
Shaan PuriHunter@shaanvp · ceo, Monkey Inferno
Love this concept. Between this and Robinhood - we finally have some innovation (the first wave of online brokers are dinosaurs now) Here's what I like: - It's like ETFs, but more approachable for mainstream investors. Just browse and find the motif you believe in (eg. Shale Gas, 3D Printing, Biotech). - Lower fees than mutual funds - Any user can create their own motif and invite others to invest in it. Plus the names of some motifs go from normal ("Precious Metals") to things-that-sound-like-Coldstone-icecream-flavors ("Asian Fusion", "New Car Smell", or "Fighting Fat")
Christian Montoya
Christian Montoya@cm0nt0y4 · Maker
I love this. I haven't done any investments yet (aside from a short affair with Bitcoin and a plastic tote filled with Beanie Babies) but I plan to try this.
Claudio Gallo
Claudio Gallo@daualset · @shazam
This is a really interesting approach. I think it could be good for people who strongly believes in a specific market or area and are comfortable with the associated risk. PS. They just launched an advisor product: