Airbnb of video post-production studios & sound stages

#3 Product of the DayDecember 04, 2016
Super neat! Any plans to expand to music studios, too? I'd love to get in a studio for a day and work on some music if it was this easy!
@imkmf Hi Kristian and thank you ! We have a “Recording / Mixing Studio” category. However, it will be more suited for video projects (film soundtrack, voice-over, etc..).
Looks awesome! Let me know when you are in NYC. I'm the CEO of , we are always looking for great studio space :)
@philip_gregory Thank you Philip ! I’ll contact you when we will have a nice selection of studios in NYC.
@remisim there's a huge demand for this in the music space as well, I wouldn't ignore that demand
@brucekraftjr thanks for sharing this ! I will think about it.
Can't believe this doesn't exist already. Great idea.
@vincentorleck Thank you ! :)
Looking forward to seeing listings for Montréal, QC !
@jpvalery Many folks from Montreal would love to make some money out of there studios but the platform needs to do good marketing in each cities. Such a big challenge.