Productive Work Schedule Generator

Based on science of sleep, productivity & social psychology

Discover your Most Productive Work Schedule that's based on your chronobiology and habits. Know the best time to have that meeting, to nap or have that coffee that's suited for you, where you work and your lifestyle.
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Hey PH! πŸ‘‹ Did you ever feel not productive working and then suddenly productive? I know how you feel... ***But first, I gotta give a shoutout to @chrismessina for hunting! πŸ™Œ I'm Najeeb and I'm excited to share my latest project with you all! When I started working from home, it was fun in the beginning without any commuting and comfort of home. Sometimes with the lines between home and work, I'd easily hit the snooze button and not get much done. Instead of a flexible schedule, I thought simply working 9-5 schedule would help me be productive, however I felt that sometimes I was productive and sometimes I wasn't. I thought it was only myself who felt like this but then I started researching productivity schedules and learnt more about how there are different productivity schedules for people. It's based on their biology, how they sleep, what and how they eat, what gives them energy (silence/people) and so much more. Drinking coffee for example can be not effective based on certain times or habits (Research here Here's another study that references sleep and personality - I used it to get more work done. It worked for me so I thought it might work for others. I believe flexible work is the future and the problems being uniquely productive can be solved but the best work schedule for people that's unique to them is all over the place. That's when the Most Productive Work Scheduler was born! πŸŽ‰ To help create the right schedule based on the science of sleep, productivity & social psychology. When we work remotely, sometimes our productivity sinks, so this scheduler helps you work more effectively. I believe we can all be more productive and wished something like this existed before. Here is a post with more studies and sources referenced ( Also, if you have any suggestions/feedback at all on how to improve the scheduler or even a slight change, I'd love to hear it. Hoping to make the next version better :)
Just took the audit and am amazed by how accurate this schedule is! Thanks for creating this cool tool @itsnajeeb so people could learn more about their personal unique schedules and be productive when it suits themselves best!πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
@vineta_gajevska So happy you found it useful Vineta. Yes this tool helps everyone be aware the typical 9-5 schedule isn't best for all but some :)
i Fucking love this, this made my mind more clear about my work schedule as a freelancer, thank you, ill try it