A CGI studio in your pocket

Morphin is a CGI studio in your pocket. Put yourself inside of viral reactions GIFs and favorite TV/Movie scenes with just a selfie. 📸
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Morphin has become the default way I respond to people on text/twitter/email. They've been working on 3D avatar tech for the past 2 years, and figured out a consumer use case that really resonates with people: putting you inside of popular reaction GIFs. This is a new form of storytelling that puts the audience inside the content, and it expands into video, like this:
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Oh man. I just spent all day laughing to myself sharing these gifs to my coworkers, friends, and family. Trust me, hilarity is ensured. Onboarding was a cinch. Adding "Celebs" to the mix was brilliant. The tech is impressive. I think @jason said on TWiST years ago that one sign that a product will go viral is that the early adopters feel cool for using it first. I'm definitely experiencing that first hand. To be honest I want to keep this app a secret as long as possible because I want to have all the fun to myself. I'm thoroughly enjoying the puzzled faces and DMs asking "HOW?" I have a GIF of myself as Obama dropping the mic.. Seriously, what more needs to be said?
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@jason @nickjnish haha thank you Nick 🙌🏾 It took some time to build the right tech to make it happen but we are thrilled to have followed that path. We are so happy to receive incredible stories of how people are using the GIFs inside group chats! Crossing fingers for Jason's prediction ✨
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I have been waiting for this for a while now after seeing so many gifs!
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I can finally be Spiderman
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@aaronoleary Glad that you like it. Thanks! 😊
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@douill Like it? I love it! I have shared it with my girlfriend, she is obsessed with it! You're on to something amazing here, I'm already looking forward to more GIFS
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This app is unreal. So much fun! Love onboarding & the trivia while the GIF is process - very impressive value add! Can't wait to see where this app goes!
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@francovarriano thanks!! Glad that you like the onboarding, it was a tough one 😅
Love Morphin. Every time I send a gif to a friend they immediately respond asking how they can download it. The quality and accuracy is amazing and makes communicating with friends more fun, and more personal.
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@brosenblatt4 Thank you Bryan 🙏🏾