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Joshua Bloom reviewedMorning RecoveryHelps detox and counter the negative effects of alcohol

no headache, more energy and clarity in the morning, much much better sleep


if I stay relatively hydrated, there are no cons.

A little late in posting, but this was my first experience with MR:

Ate dinner around 8pm.

Was some sort of chicken salad that our nanny made. (No carbs/ breads)

Had my first bourbon around 9:30. Over the next few hours I likely had between 10-12 oz of whiskey. Was feeling pretty good and laughing it up.

Not sure the wife appreciated the childish antics, nor do I think that she appreciated the test I was performing. 😁

Took MR at roughly 12:30am

Smelled a little vitamin-esque.

Surprisingly, tasted really good!

Let me stop for a second there... Now I normally drink a bourbon or two each night just to quiet the brain and then I’ll have water and 2 Advil to protect from the hangover. It works, though I don’t typically sleep all that well and wake up groggy and slightly disorientated until I hit the shower.

Back to the story... so I likely fell asleep around 1am, knowing I had to get up at 7:30am (in hindsight, not really all that smart... especially since I had meetings the next day).

It’s 7:30am. Alarm goes off.

I openned my eyes.


No hangover!

But it doesn’t stop there.

Though for only 6.5 hours, I actually had a really good sleep!

I felt refreshed, remarkably clear and pretty darn happy!

I still continue to see the same results.

When I drink more heavily, I know to hydrate. The drink does the rest.

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