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#3 Product of the DayMarch 14, 2018

Morning Brew is a daily email newsletter delivering the latest news from Wall St. to Silicon Valley. As opposed to traditional business news that is dense and dry, Morning Brew makes staying up-to-date fun and simple, giving you everything you need to know in an enjoyable 5 minute read.


  • Pros: 

    Quick, fun, and on point. Great analytical coverage of business stories. Helps understand everything from a broader perspective.


    Customization of what you want to hear

    I have been a subscriber of Morning Brew since 2015. They have built a community around their subscribers, expanded their writing staff and categories covered, and redesigned the newsletter to make it better with reader feedback.

    Honestly, it's fantastic. Thanks to them, I have learned what I need to know about the world from a business perspective and was always prepared for discussions/interviews. With a witty sense of humor, their stories have always been a favorite for me to read daily.

    Kaan Pinar has used this product for one year.
  • Pros: 

    Reliable, Good Articles, Quick and Easy, Interesting puzzles


    No mobile App, No personalisation

    I have been using Morning Brew for 6 months now and it has been amazing. It had everything I wanted from upcoming events to current and up to date news. Nothing compares to this amazing service

    Hasan Ahmad has used this product for one year.


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Alex Lieberman
Alex LiebermanMakerHiring@alexlieb · CEO of Morning Brew
What’s up PH community! Coming to you live from Brew HQ in downtown NYC. I’m Alex and I’m one of the founders of Morning Brew, a new media company working tirelessly to make business exciting and memorable for millennials. From the naive college student trying to make it out of Econ 101 alive to the time-poor consultant trying to stay up to date with business, our generation deserves better business news. And that’s what we’re giving you. Morning Brew’s core product is a daily e-mail newsletter that gives you all of the business news you need in five minutes. It’s quick, conversational and reads like your chatting with your smart and sociable best friend. The newsletter covers topics ranging from Apple and Airbnb to Brexit and big banks. The scorecard: - Over 200,000 active subscribers - More than 2,000 Morning Brew ambassadors - Grown 100% YoY - Partnered with brands ranging from Citi to Casper to Duke University Thanks again for checking out the Brew and if you have any questions or just want to talk shop about media, email, business, etc. shoot me a line at
Lama Al Rajih
Lama Al Rajih@lamaalrajih
I love, love, LOVE Morning Brew. I've been reading their emails almost everyday for the past few months, and I love how insightful, yet straight to the point these emails are (with a dash of puns and jokes in there, too 😉). Great to see it launch on Product Hunt!
Alex Lieberman
Alex LiebermanMakerHiring@alexlieb · CEO of Morning Brew
@lamaalrajih Thanks so much for the kind words Lama! If you have any feedback whatsoever please don't hesitate to let Brew Crew know
Jordan Levy
Jordan Levy@jlevy816 · President, Real Time Cases
This is a great team building an incredible community around their mornjng newsletter. It’s witty and informative. Highly recommended.
Alex Lieberman
Alex LiebermanMakerHiring@alexlieb · CEO of Morning Brew
@jlevy816 You're the man Jordan, thanks so much!
Noah Hyams
Noah Hyams@noahhyams
Recommend it to everyone!
Alex Lieberman
Alex LiebermanMakerHiring@alexlieb · CEO of Morning Brew
@noahhyams Thanks Noah!!!
Zach Swetz
Zach SwetzPro@swetzequity · Product Manager in Pittsburgh
Love the Brew! It's the one email I look forward to in the morning ☕
Alex Lieberman
Alex LiebermanMakerHiring@alexlieb · CEO of Morning Brew
@swetzequity Thanks so much Zach!! Glad you love the Brew. Keep being a great reader and we'll keep cranking out great content :)