Track release dates for feature films in your region

Morfilms helps you organise your upcoming movies list and checks how many days are left until each movie is released in your country. Enable movie release notifications so you don't miss out. You can also add films already released and use it as a simple watchlist.



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Abadesi@abadesi · 👩🏽‍💻 Product Hunt | Hustle Crew | NTT
I like this idea because I always get excited about upcoming films and by the time I remember to see them at the cinema I'm too late 😐
Kevin Guebert
Kevin Guebert@kevinguebert · Working on
I agree with @abadesi - always forget about movies after watching the trailers. @carlosjtacon what made you make this kind of app? Where are you hoping to go with it? Also, props to you for releasing both Android and iOS at the same time, must have taken some hard work!
Carlos Tacón
Carlos TacónMaker@carlosjtacon · Underdog
@abadesi @kevinguebert Thank you both for your comments! I had this problem that I was always checking out IMDb to know how many days remain for the film to be released. So I just make the app for my personal use, then that escalated to launch it to the public. About releasing both platforms at one time... it is a lot easier since it is a hybrid web app :P Thanks for your feedback :)
Kevin Guebert
Kevin Guebert@kevinguebert · Working on
@carlosjtacon Nicely done!