Moox Bike

The bicycle-scooter hybrid

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I'm happy to introduce the Moox Bike to the Product Hunt community, the first-of-its-kind bicycle scooter hybrid, now available for pre-order on IndieGogo. PRODUCT HUNTERS - Use the link below to get a special deal: SAVE $100 on a Moox Bike! The Moox Bike's innovative design lets you: ~ Pedal like a traditional bicycle....OR ~ Use the platform to ride and glide like a scooter - the pedals fold so you can easily use it in scooter-only mode! You can use the Moox Bike any way you want - it's up to you, on the fly, to choose to ride or glide in eye-catching style. What's the story of the Moox Bike, you may wonder? Mike Silvestri, the product designer and Moox company founder, created the bike after observing commuters in San Francisco. He noticed commuters using both traditional kick-scooters and bicycles to get start and / or complete their daily commutes. Mike could see that both types of vehicles had advantages on the city streets and in crowds (gliding through a crowded area seemed easier than walking a bike). Mike then had the idea to create a hybrid, taking the best of both vehicles and combining it into one fun vehicle. He added the all terrain fat tires to handle both the bumpy city streets, trails and other terrain. Please feel free to send us any questions or feedback - we're looking forward to hearing the Product Hunt community's thoughts on this innovative design!
@skkling You're targeting commuters, right? What kind of research/feedback did you get from users to arrive at the final design? Specifically, the color choice, the handlebar design, the inclusion of front shock absorbers, the tire size choice.
@j_nce Hi Jince, Great questions. :) We are targeting commuters and also urban dwellers in general who opt to use bicycles as transportation (we've also noticed a subset of that target market using kickscooters, hence the hybrid). While I wouldn't call the design you're seeing "final" (as we're always iterating to improve it), it does represent the 4th prototype we created and is the one we chose to move into production. To arrive at this design, we received a good deal of user input on the first 3 prototypes on both the functional and aesthetic fronts. The biggest pieces of feedback we got centered around the size / width of the platform and the comfort of the ride (for both pedaling and scooting); that feedback is reflected in the current design. We also selected the bright colors to help make the bike more visible to motorists, although we do offer a palette that has more muted colors in it. We also learned a great deal about our target's preferences for aesthetics - the fame shape, color set, and even the front fork were all chosen to give the Moox bike a unique look. (BTW, the front fork is actually rigid.) The handlebar sizing is one area where we're still gathering feedback. We've learned with the current design that there are customers who prefer a narrower width, so we'll likely be offering some options on the handlebars in the near future. Finally, the fat tire choice primarily had to do with city-street terrain (We're SF-based so we deal with a lot of potholes and streets that are bumpy, have rail / muni tracks on them, etc.) We found the fat tires provided both a more comfortable ride and a safer one -- there's no way that tire size is getting caught in a rail. We do realize that the fat tires also have become more trendy in recent months, but our choice to use them was primarily driven by function and comfort.
pricing feels right, love the idea - will there be a version without fatty tires, maybe hybrid widths instead?
@passingnotes Hi David, Glad you like the idea and the price. :) There will eventually be a version without the fatty tires. We're currently measuring demand for a "thin" tire version and also have considered hybrid widths as well. Cheers, Sarah PS: Please feel free to get your Product Hunt deal on the 'fatty' version of the bike - use this link: