Find play dates for your dog.

MooseOnTheLoose lets you know when other dogs will be at dog parks so it’s easy to find playmates and arrange playdates. Each dog gets a profile that includes, picture, name, size, breed, age and a brief description. This makes it easy to match up dogs for your pup.

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Hey :) MooseOnTheLoose was created by a few neighbors of mine in San Francisco. I’ve been helping out and have recently rebuilt the app with a new backend and improved performance. Since we’re based in SF the app currently features dog parks around the city but we’re hoping to see the map fill up with more dog parks over the coming weeks. You can quickly add parks within the app if theres a park near you. Watson, a somewhat shy 5 pound, terrier mix, would bark at almost every dog until me and my girlfriend started taking him to the dog park in our apartment community regularly. He’s now pretty calm and quiet even when faced with huge dogs. Would love to hear any feedback about the app or any ideas people have to reduce friction of setting up dog playdates.
@Ems_Hodge, check this out! 🐶 EDIT: I just realized it's SF only right now. 😭
@rrhoover I've already added it to my "For Dele 🐶" collection in anticipation of this getting across the pond. Come on the London version 🙏🙏🙏
@ems_hodge While we don’t have any parks added in London you can easily add them in the app. We’re hoping people will do this and share it with other dog owners while at the park and form little communities & new friends while their at it. :)
Love a good dog app!