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@doradidit Two big questions... 1. Where did the name come from? 2. Tough, competitive market. Any key differentiators? Would you consider MailChimp to be a competitor or something more enterprisey like SailThru? Or neither?
@arron_dean Thank you so much for your questions! 1. The name came from the cow sound. Like Moooo :-) Nothing fancy here, hehe! But we are giving away Moo cows for new accounts. Check it out And btw we have free startup plans 2. It is a competitive market hence we believe that what matters is to make sure our customers enjoy their experience. Moosend has an excellent customer support team that will monitor your campaigns, suggest optimizations for your specific industry and situation and that you are able to reach your customer representative of choice through a good ol' telephone and Skype rather than modern Intercom and live chat (we got those too :-) ). Also we are agency friendly and offer white-labeling features so that you can offer to your clients our awesome UI. Our prices are very competitive as well so you don't have to give away your margin either. And also, we have partnered with companies like IBM and Message Systems to offer you a super stable infrastructure as well. Finally, in the next few weeks we are differentiating our product line further by offering predictive analysis of your campaigns where you get to see how your campaigns will perform ahead of time and make modifications. Cheers!
@doradidit Thank so much for the answers Dora! Best of luck with Moosend :)
@arron_dean Thank you! And best of luck to the girl! (=Mad Mimi...hehe). So, how did you come up with your name? :-)
Thank you!
Moosend provides you with all the statistics you want in real-time to track and evaluate your campaign performance.