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Professionally made free stock photos matching each other


Getting cheap professional photos is a challenge, let alone free. Matching them is even harder. Moose is a photo stock under professional production. All the images are free for a link. Variety of themes, high-quality photos perfectly matching each other. You can even order a needed shot.

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Kevin Mullett
Kim Doyal
Surjith S M
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  • Marina Yalanska
    Marina YalanskaTech/design blogger. CMO/Writer at Tubik

    High-quality photos. Free. Nice minimalist style. Variety of plots and model types.


    Haven't found.

    As an avid blogger, I'm a huge fan of photo stocks and Moose it definitely worth to be added to top favs. What I especially like in it is its elegant minimalism and the ability to match photos together not breaking the general visual style. It's cool for keeping a consistent content strategy within one article, webpage or even website.

    What I would be happy to get as a user is the ability to make my own collections of favorite photos or images on particular theme and share them with other bloggers via social networks and email.

    Thanks a lot for sharing such great stuff, huge congrats to the team on release!

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  • Pros: 

    LOVE the unique concept of groups of photos & a similar theme


    Not sure yet

    Looks fantastic, thank you!

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  • Kevin Mullett
    Kevin MullettDir. of Visibility & SM, MarketSnare

    Photos are of high quality and appear free of logos and other copyright encumbrances.


    CC BY-ND 3.0 - Requires backlink

    My only concern is that some people read the FREE part and not much else.

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  • Gaurav Sharma
    Gaurav SharmaEntrepreneur

    The quality of images and the collection is awesome



    Clean and perfect match for webpages, apps and promotion purpose.

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  • Tom Zimberoff
    Tom ZimberoffCEO, Pixterity



    Big raspberry!!!!!!!!!!

    "Professionally-produced" stock photos is an oxymoron.

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  • Surjith S M
    Surjith S MFreelance Web / UX Designer

    This is pure gold


    More photos to come.

    These are some photos you would actually use it in a website.

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  • Alina Gaboyan
    Alina GaboyanMarketing BMW




    I like this guys. I'm not a photograph, but I really like to take them and to match without loosing or breaking the general style. Unique product.

    Alina Gaboyan has used this product for one year.
  • PeHaa Hetman
    PeHaa Hetmanfront-end dev

    great for anybody building demos containing photos (my case ;))


    need to set a link - not so useful for client work, but still ok for demos

    Finding images that match is very important if you want to have something visually appealing, and it does take time - so this site seems very useful

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