Discover cryptocurrencies priced at less than a penny


Moonshot is a simple platform for browsing/sorting cryptocurrencies that are priced at less than a penny. Buying at a fraction of a penny is the best way to make it to the moon! ๐Ÿš€

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Bruno Lemos
Paul Kleimeier
Denis Alyanov
  • Bruno Lemos
    Bruno LemosDeveloper

    Congrats on shipping your product


    Dangerous investment advice

    A coin can cost less than a penny and still be very expensive. A coin can cost $5000 and still be cheap. Market cap, tech, team and network effect are a few of the various metrics that are more relevant than price, but still it's only a very small part of what should be considered before investing.

    Also, not a fan of this To The Moon culture.

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    Market cap might matter, price does not

    Bullshit coins and lack of understanding when it comes to how markets work

    Paul Kleimeier has used this product for one day.
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