Moon Pod

A zero-gravity beanbag for all-day deep relaxation

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#2 Product of the DayJune 13, 2018

Moon Pod is the most comfortable thing I’ve ever sat in.


  • Jeffrey BerryWeb Developer

    Neat concept


    Tainted by unethical business practices from a previous product

    A quick search yielded damning results for this team and their unethical business practices. Skimming through the comments on Gravity Blanket and even this product on Kickstarter does not paint a positive picture. Further promoting their products or any product they are involved with would only be a disservice to the users of Product Hunt.

    Jeffrey Berry has never used this product.
  • Pros: 

    Cool concept


    Unethical business

    I backed their gravity blanket and was shipped a faulty product. It is now seven months into getting an exchange and they fail to respond. Cannot and will not trust this company again. How about instead of releasing a new product, fix the one you have and honor your commitments.

    Jason Behrend has never used this product.
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Daniel Tasman@dantasman · Product @ Liazon
Don't trust this team to get you an amazing product. I had a lot of issues getting my Gravity Blanket and they were completely unresponsive for 5 months after they said they had delivered it to me (they had not). I was an original backer on Kickstarter and was left behind. It was a horrible experience. I don't recommend using these guys products, they are a marketing machine with no operations or customer success processes.
GregMaker@gregmschwartz · *Moonpod Is Live On Kickstarter*
@dantasman Hi Daniel - We hear you, and we can assure you that the Moon Pod team (different from Gravity) is implementing new strategies, and taking the proper precautions to ensure that Moon Pod backers have a much better customer experience. I'm happy to answer any additional questions!
Krishna Chaitanya 'KC'@kaycee · Product Manager @Vacation Labs
@dantasman @gregmschwartz I wish there was at least an apology in that reply! No one knows the truth but a sorry would have gone a long way in getting the backer. It definitely looks like some big goof up that you guys did in the comments section both on this product and the Gravity Blanket. Word of caution for the community!
GregMaker@gregmschwartz · *Moonpod Is Live On Kickstarter*
@kaycee hey Krishna, thanks for your concern. The Gravity team did its best to fulfill the orders that came through on Kickstarter. The team apologizes to every backer who had a less than ideal experience, Daniel included. With a different team and different processes, we’re working really hard to ensure that this campaign runs smoothly! Let me know if you have any questions about Moon Pod!
Krishna Chaitanya 'KC'@kaycee · Product Manager @Vacation Labs
@gregmschwartz Sorry but in all that I mentioned, I forgot to mention that the product looks great! Wish you all the very best! Really hoping that this product pivots the bad experiences from the past.
GregMaker@gregmschwartz · *Moonpod Is Live On Kickstarter*
@kaycee thanks for the kind words, Krishna!
sam marcus@runsammrun · Developer, Flatiron School
Strongly recommend reading some of the 3000+ kickstarter comments on the Gravity blanket, the campaign that existed before this did. It seems to be an endless stream of people complaining they never received the blanket and were ultimately denied any refund (or even a response). The final product that shipped was significantly smaller than the dimensions promised. The dimensions of the actual blanket are identical to weighted blankets sold on alibaba wholesale, etc, suggesting product wasn't even manufactured for the campaign at all. I don't condone the witch hunt nature that some backers have taken into their own hands, but there's no denying that the satisfaction was exceptionally low for the vast majority of people that backed the prior campaign (myself included).
John FiorentinoMaker@johnnyfio · @goodonestv /
@runsammrun Gravity has 60,000+ and growing customers that love the product. The kickstarter was completed 100%.
Evan Kimbrell@evankimbrell · Founder, Sprintkick
@johnnyfio terrible response
GregMaker@gregmschwartz · *Moonpod Is Live On Kickstarter*
@runsammrun Thanks for the note, and happy to discuss some of your points above. To be clear, Moon Pod is a separate company from Gravity. We’ve made deliberate decisions to do things differently. For example, we're shipping Moon Pod to only the 48 contiguous United States in order to ensure that Moon Pod is delivered safely to all of our backers. Additionally, our manufacturers are ready to handle this campaign and the volume of backers that we're expecting. Additionally, we have a customer support staff ready to handle all of our backers requests.
Jo Staron@jo_staron
GO AWAY FROM THIS PROJECT. I backed up their first kickstarter project (Gravity blanket) and here is my experience: - delay in delivering the product - customer support not answering - product not respecting the description. Size is too small and they didn't even notice us by mail or anything. I told them that by law you have a month to return product and get a refund and they invented something so I couldn't do it. I have lost my money and worst, I will not backup any more projects on Kickstarter because of them. I am not used to comment on PH but I was so disappointed that I don't want any more people to lose their money.
John FiorentinoMaker@johnnyfio · @goodonestv /
Thanks for the hunt @ryandawidjan! After the success of the Gravity Weighted Blanket, I was determined to continue my mission to help the world relax a little easier. Today, I’m launching Moonpod! Moonpod is a lightweight beanbag engineered to make you feel like you’re floating. It’s the perfect complement to the the Gravity Blanket, and I’m truly excited to share it with you today -- we just launched on Kickstarter. I promise you it is actually the most comfortable thing you will ever sit, work, or nap in.
GregMaker@gregmschwartz · *Moonpod Is Live On Kickstarter*
Big thanks to @ryandawidjan for hunting! Been working with @johnnyfio for a while on this amazing product, and we're incredibly excited to bring it to life on Kickstarter! Happy to answer any questions about the product -- just reply here :)
Brandon Doyle@travelintweeter · Founder, Wallaroo Media
@ryandawidjan @johnnyfio @gregmschwartz Greg - this looks amazing!
GregMaker@gregmschwartz · *Moonpod Is Live On Kickstarter*
@ryandawidjan @johnnyfio @travelintweeter Thanks for the support Brandon!