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Job Board for stay at home moms. P/T. Remote. Flexible.

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Stay at home moms are the largest untapped talent pool in the world. Moonlighting Moms is a job board where employers can find educated, talented, ambitious women, and moms can find work that fits their lifestyle.


Perri Chase
Jeremy Kerrigan
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  • Josh Hill
    Josh HillCEO, EdenStay Homes

    Perfect fit for finding extra work


    It's new, so there aren't as many listings as I'd like

    Moonlighting Moms matches qualified workers who gave up skilled positions in order to be a mom. If this is you and you have some spare time, now there's spare-time work for you. Brilliant.

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Luke Miller
Luke MillerMaker@lukefredmiller · Creating remarkable experiences, Prenda
Hi All! I started Moonlighting Moms as a side project when my wife was pregnant with our first (which means I was working on it nights and weekends in between Sonic ice cream runs… half price shakes after 8pm are hard to beat!) We had some close friends pregnant at the same time, and we were all trying to figure out how to make it financially post-kids. Both women preferred to stay home with kids, at least at first, but dropping an income was going to be a challenge. Enter Moonlighting Moms. We’ve got three main things going on: - “Specialized Jobs” is the typical job board portion to the site. Companies can post specific jobs they’re looking to fill. - “Always Hiring Jobs” is a curated database of roles pretty much anyone can get anytime and do whenever they want, i.e. transcription services, website testing, online tutoring, etc… - “Online Community” takes you to a private Facebook group where stay at home moms can connect Sonic milkshake on me for anyone who gets Moonlighting Moms published on a mom blog ;) *Offer: 50% off a job posting for PH community - halfoff4ph.* Questions? Feedback? Let’s hear it!
Rajiv Patel
Rajiv Patel@rajivdpatel
Very cool!
Garett Dunn
Garett Dunn@garettmd · Sr. System Engineer
Site says domain name has expired...
Luke Miller
Luke MillerMaker@lukefredmiller · Creating remarkable experiences, Prenda
@garettmd Sorry Garett! We had a typo on the URL - it's updated now. Thanks for checking this out!
Morgan Engel
Morgan Engel@morgan_engel
Domain should be .co not .com
Luke Miller
Luke MillerMaker@lukefredmiller · Creating remarkable experiences, Prenda
@morgan_engel Thanks Morgan - just got it updated. Appreciate the feedback and for checking out Moonlighting Moms in general.