Jeffrey Berry
Jeffrey Berry reviewedMoon PodA zero-gravity beanbag for all-day deep relaxation
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Neat concept


Tainted by unethical business practices from a previous product

A quick search yielded damning results for this team and their unethical business practices. Skimming through the comments on Gravity Blanket and even this product on Kickstarter does not paint a positive picture. Further promoting their products or any product they are involved with would only be a disservice to the users of Product Hunt.

Jeffrey Berry has never used this product.
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Greg Schwartz
Greg Schwartz@gregmschwartz · Building consumer products online
Hi @jeffrey - To be clear, Moon Pod is a different company from the previous product. We're taking steps to ensure that everything runs smoothly during this campaign, and beyond. We’ve made the careful decision to ship Moon Pod to only the 48 contiguous United States in order to ensure that backers receive their Moon Pods, and minimize any errors in transit. Our manufacturers are ready to go, and our customer support team is here to respond to any backer questions or requests.