MOO Business Cards+

Beautiful NFC business cards that trigger digital actions

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Adding the dashboard and analytics to business cards is such a useful tool. Lack of iOS compatibility is a pretty big downside, though (especially given the cost per card).
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@benokur I couldn't agree more. They could probably add QR codes as a work around, but they'd have to give up all that real-estate on such beautiful cards.
@benokur That was my biggest issue.
@benokur yeah won't bother with these given how it seems everyone I know and deal with uses iPhones. But they look great - that counts for something.
this is pretty dope. I love that business cards are only one use case of their Paper+ technology
Whoa, crazy to see this on PH. I was working on an NFC company in 2012/13 and used to make my own business cards by gluing an inlay between two sheets of card stock. 😜 I actually remember Moo experimenting with NFC business cards way back then, so it's cool to see this getting some hype. Fingers crossed Apple starts fully supporting NFC soon - lots of room for creativity :)
2 bummers: price + no iOS. non starter for me (unfortunately because i like it). better do just app to app card exchange
Woah, this is awesome! I've ordered some traditional business cards from Moo and was very satisfied. Will definitely upgrade to Cards+ the next time I order!