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Instant notifications. Built-in budgeting. Free payments abroad.

This isn’t banking as you know it. Monzo is a bank for everyone, built together with our community.

Join the revolution today.

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Monitoring my finances is a joy with this app. I never thought a baking app could be so enjoyable! I'm impressed with how simple and clever it is and have recommended it to everyone I know. I love the hashtag feature to then search and keep track of how much you spend on specific things


Card payments abroad with no fees! Hashtags for your payments. Immediate payment notifications on your phone.


No referral program. I've been using my golden tickets and getting new people to use it, but there's no rewards!

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One of my favourite startups that I'm watching and whose product I use every day.


state of the art UI, UX, customer support, startup transparency & leadership


no deal-breakers for me

I really like this Bank, The app is fluent, UX/UI is nice but the only problem I have is that there's no app for windows! I'm a web designer and spend most of my time on Desktop / Web Browser and so that would be the best addition to Monzo.