Montera V4

A central place for work, designed for collaboration

Montera is a central place for work, no matter what industry your are in.
It's a technology-driven platform to fully sustain your work requirements, from discussing with your collaborators to setting up any day-to-day processes you might need.
Hello! My name is Sergiu and I'm a co-founder at Montera, which is basically high-end workspaces designed for collaboration. We're a self-funded team of 3 and we've worked on it for the past 1 year to achieve it to a level that could compete against the biggest products out there like Asana, Slack, Trello, and others. Montera got to a point where we can proudly recommend it to other entrepreneurs, freelancers or agencies so that they could improve their workflow and let things run smoothly. This is done through workspaces, consisted of 4 add-ons: Chat, Tasks, Docs & Files and Invoices. You can customize each workspace, and each add-on within it at a level that you could accomplish anything you could imagine. With our latest release (V4) we're very excited to get this platform to become a game changer in the collaboration space across industries (Marketing, Operations, Design, Startup) We would highly appreciate any feedback or suggestion you might have, especially if you use any software for collaboration or think about using one. Thank you!
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Awesome work guys 🙌 Looks like a great solution to the existing suite of tools most startups use every day! Any plans on integrations with other popular products?
@lachlankirkwood Hey Lachlan .. thanks for reaching out! We've had so far a couple of requests to integrate it with Zapier, and we plan to release an update in the upcoming weeks. Besides that, it already integrates with Stripe if you plan to receive invoice payments through credit card. Do you maybe see other potential integrations that might be helpful?
@sefinciuc Sounds great! And I know you have your own native versions of docs and files, but would you consider integrations for existing tools like G-drive? I have quite a bit of existing content that would be easier to reference than migrate.
@lachlankirkwood Yeah, that makes sense! We'll put that onto our roadmap, together with the Dropbox integration. A quick question, do you see it more to be an import feature or sync feature?
@sefinciuc I'd use it mainly for importing. I'm normally happy to switch products as long as the onboarding process is seamless 👍