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I had a pen that did exactly that about 7 years ago. I don't use it anymore, but works well and for a third or less of the Montblanc's price. It's called Livescribe. https://www.livescribe.com/en-us/
@igorbonatto Was it accurate enough to use regularly? Feel like an iPad pro with the stencil would be my move if I was looking for an option for note taking.
@realsimonburns it worked great! It even recorded sound in sync with whatever you're writing. So, for example, if you're reading notes you took during a lecture, you could just "click" anything your wrote or drew and the pen would play what you're listening to at that specific moment. You could transfer generated files ("smart pdfs") to your computer and it tried to recognize your writing to automatically convert into editable texts. The downside was the pen only worked with a dotted paper you could either buy from them or print in any printer.
I saw an ad for this the other day! It made me panic actually because I'm not sure where my regular Mont Blanc is 😬
@bentossell I got exactly the same reaction! I just realized that i didn't even see it for month!
haha, love when you have a "free shipping on orders over $500" popup for a site selling pens and paper 😂
@kylhss this site is a little better. Only $200. http://nibs.com/nakaya-cigar-pic...
I need this in my life. As much as I love technology... nothing feels more comfortable than pen & paper (IMO). I hardly use any note taking apps, mainly use my Baron Fig Confidant.
@gadgick Right there with you. I'm a paper nerd. My CRM is a Moleskin. I don't have a lot of clients, to be fair. lol. Can't use any calendar app. But, love the tech for it's own things. Just not calendars and notes. I've really tried.
I'm surprised they are using a Samsung tablet in the video.