analytics & data platform for bot creators

Analyze your conversations, flows, statistics ─ keep all the data from different channels in one place.

Have full control over all the analytics and data. Evaluate your analytics and make informed future decisions or make offers to your customers.

Keep all the data in the same place with no need of an extra backend.

Mennan Köse
Dilâra Tezel
  • Dilâra Tezel
    Dilâra TezelSoftware Specialist

    Easy to use, well documented for node.js


    Documentation has missing parts for other languages but i believe it will be completed soon.

    I've used it at 3 or more chat bots and it made my job easier. I loved especially data collection part. You can create your own data collections and use it like a proffessional db provider. :)

    Dilâra Tezel has used this product for one month.
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Duygu Akin
Duygu Akin@duyguakin · Student and Agah's wife
Amazing product
Burak BUDAK@burakbudak · Product Manager
Looks very useful, congrats guys. I'll present it to the my clients. :)
Selçuk Ermaya
Selçuk ErmayaMaker@selcukermaya · Software Specialist
@burakbudak Thank you so much. We are glad to hear it! 👍
Fatih Coşkun
Fatih Coşkun@fatih_coskun · Founder, Codevist
Looks very good, congrats.
Selçuk Ermaya
Selçuk ErmayaMaker@selcukermaya · Software Specialist
@fatih_coskun We are happy you like it!
Dilâra Tezel
Dilâra Tezel@monolara · Software Specialist
I liked its simplicity
Anıl Atalay
Anıl Atalay@anilatalay
we use monosay for a lot of projects - this is great