Get data from text using machine learning

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Michael Buckbee
Michael Buckbee@mbuckbee · Founder+Developer
Honestly, seems really awesome, but I had to dig way too hard through the site to figure out what it actually did. I think it would improve things immensely to highlight much higher up in the page and maybe almost as distinct 'products'. It didn't really click to me what you did until I got to the use cases section and saw the different things that were possible.
Federico Pascual
Federico PascualMaker@federicopascual · COO @MonkeyLearn.
@mbuckbee this is a great feedback! We will definitely work on better ways to communicate what we do and make it easier for everyone to understand MonkeyLearn. Moving the use cases section a little up on the page is one of the things we were considering this week. Any other feedback is greatly appreciated, thank you Michael! :)
Federico Pascual
Federico PascualMaker@federicopascual · COO @MonkeyLearn.
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Jack Smith
Jack Smith@_jacksmith · Serial Entrepreneur & Startup Adviser
@federicopascual I love the design work. I like that you provide some use cases. But think that this is probably the main area that more time needs to be invested, just to push people over the edge to implementing it. you want to solve a burning core problem, not just be a 'nice to have'
Federico Pascual
Federico PascualMaker@federicopascual · COO @MonkeyLearn.
Thanks for the feedback @_jacksmith! Totally agree with you, providing use cases of our technology is a key thing for pushing people over the edge to implement MonkeyLearn. We are continuously working on this but there is a lot of room from improvement. We are also working on tutorials to show what type of things you can do with MonkeyLearn. For example: - How to build a hotel review analyzer with Kimono and MonkeyLearn: - Ho to create an employment analytics visualization in less than 10 minutes: Thanks again for the feedback! Federico