Monitor v2

Alert your entire team when your site goes offline.

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Robert van Hoesel
Co-founder Crowded
I just cancelled my account as your service does not deliver wat you promise. On the homepage you promise "We monitor (i.e. ping) sites every 30 seconds - yes, twice a minute!", however, after deliberately breaking a test website it took over 5 minutes to get noticed. As the dashboard confirms, it does not check every 30 seconds, rather every 5 minutes. The interface and tool looks great though. Works easily and pricing is great, when the test are indeed every 30 sec.
Kumar Thangudu
@robertvhoesel a free tool that will scan every hour = for free.
Ingo Radatz
CTO, R&D at HSH / Berlin, Germany
@michaeldick This is a serious question. You should clarify what the monitoring interval is in real.
Designing UI systems @Twitch
Hey everyone! We've been working hard to improve our infrastructure and have been watching how it behaves over the past several months. We began an entirely new rewrite about a year ago and have finally decided our algorithms are strong enough to launch v2. We're excited to get anyones feedback on how we can further make your downtime tracking more reliable and work for you. Thanks!
Mike Coutermarsh
Used to build Product Hunt. Now GitHub
@michaeldick hey! ๐Ÿ˜€. I haven't used monitor before. Currently use pingdom. What's different about monitor?
Eric LobdellCreative Director / Designer
Sweet! looks pretty rad. I wish my site had enough traffic to justify a monitor app lol
Nick Coates
Congrats @michaeldick & team! Simple, easy monitoring should be essential to building anything tech-related! Other than rewriting entirely, what other features are you launching with v2?
Jp Valery
Growth Operations Manager @ Local Logic
What's the difference and added-value in comparison with the free tiers of New Relic / Pingdom ?
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