Monitor ML

Real-time production monitoring of ML models, made simple.

Monitor ML tracks the performance of models throughout their lifecycle and connects them to business metrics. We support model tracking, metric logging/analysis/alerting and production event logging. You choose the framework, we monitor the model.
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Hey everyone 👋! I'm the co-founder of Monitor ML along with my brother @eswar_dhinakaran! Our goal with Monitor ML is to bring more transparency and visibility to machine learning. ✨ From my background as a machine learning engineer, I saw models being deployed in applications with broad societal impact. However, there were very few tools to help researchers and businesses monitor models to identify how they behave over time in the real world. Monitor ML is a framework-agnostic platform to track model performance in real-time and connect models to business metrics. You can think of us as a Mixpanel/Amplitude for machine learning models. Right now we support model tracking, training metrics logging/analysis/alerting and production event logging. We support teams and individuals and work with Google Oauth (for team management) and Slack (for alerts). If you have any use cases in your company or as a developer, please email me at and I'm happy to chat! I'm also here to answer any questions you have :)
Congrats on the launch!
Congrats on the launch!
This is dope. How would I upload a model's metrics quickly?
@sudotong Thanks for asking! We have a simple rest endpoint as well as our own session hook for Tensorflow sessions so you can automatically add metrics in each step of the training/evaluation phases.
Absolutely love this tool!