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#2 Product of the DayMay 03, 2015
Eddie Brennan
  • Eddie Brennan
    Eddie BrennanCompany director

    Very informative



    Help resolve a huge issue with my website.

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GirmaceaMaker@girmacea · CEO, Monitor Backlinks
Hey! I'm the Founder of Monitor Backlinks and I would really like to hear your feedback. Ask any questions or tell me what you think in the comments and I will reply. If you didn't get a chance to try it yet, registration for the trial is free and no credit card is needed. Takes about 3 minutes to setup everything.
David Iwanow
David Iwanow@davidiwanow · Global Search & Traffic Manager @ Danone
@girmacea Hmmm seems similar to but I do really like the interface it looks fairly friendly and visual. Any chance you are going to integrate Majestic data? The only point I can see is that it could get expensive if you wanted to monitor a lot of domains, I'm not saying the cost is not worth it but maybe something to consider. I do understand that you offer keyword tracking and not just backlinks also which does explain some of the pricing points but still seems a bit steep.
GirmaceaMaker@girmacea · CEO, Monitor Backlinks
@davidiwanow Linkody are copying everything that we do for 2 years now (copying text, html code, images, blog theme, icons, ...) ... low-life "entrepreneurs". Majestic Data will be available in about 2-3 weeks (included in the plan). We include in our plan also competitors, custom plan can have less competitors or none that makes it cheaper.
Jack Smith
Jack SmithHunter@_jacksmith · Serial Entrepreneur & Startup Adviser
Seems like a solid resource. Free test demonstrates its capabilities.
Benjamin Hoffman
Benjamin Hoffman@benhoffman_ · Software Engineer
trying to understand the difference between this and OSE/ahref/majestic?
GirmaceaMaker@girmacea · CEO, Monitor Backlinks
We reduce a lot the noise and time taken to understand and monitor in the long term your progress. In other tools, you usually go and discover all the links (OSE/Ahrefs/Majestic are doing a great job), but after 2 months if you go again, you will just get a list of all the links again and have to REMEMBER what you have seen, what is new. Even if they have new links, they will show you new site-wide links from already seen domains. We actually integrate with Ahrefs for new links discovery and competitors metrics, Majestic (very soon) for metrics, Moz for metrics and reduce the noise, sending email alerts with weekly changes and daily new unique domain links and current link changes. cc @benhoffman_
Jüri Kaljundi
Jüri Kaljundi@jkaljundi · Co-founder, Weekdone
@benhoffman_ @girmacea Happy user here. But during the last few months we've started to get a lot of old links from 2013-2014 and earlier this year. Has something changed that so much old stuff is coming in? Keep up the good work otherwise!
Aaron Hanson
Aaron Hanson@crixlet
I used the free trial a few months ago and was really happy with the emails reports of competitor's backlinks. I'm a small startup so $24/month is too expensive for me, for now! Hope to use it soon.
Jüri Kaljundi
Jüri Kaljundi@jkaljundi · Co-founder, Weekdone
@crixlet Discover one new link to your startup quickly using it, get involved in the comments and sharing, get at least a few new customers. $24 made back multiple times :)