MongoDB Stitch

MongoDB Stitch – Your Backend Delivered as a Service

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MongoDB Stitch is a Backend as a Service platform for MongoDB-backed applications

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Nick Parsons
Nick ParsonsMakerHiring@nickparsons · Developer Evangelism @
Hey there! I'm a Developer Advocate focusing on the recent launch of MongoDB Stitch. Please ask any questions as I'm happy to help answer them!
Parker Agee
Parker Agee@parkeragee · Software Engineer
@nickparsons loving the simplicity of the new product! Is the current pricing a launch special? Or will this pricing stick for a while? I would hate to build my business on this and be completely dependent on the service and the prices skyrocket in the future for some reason. Also, is the data encrypted at rest?
Francesca Krihely
Francesca KrihelyMaker@francium
@parkeragee hey Parker! Thanks for the questions. Pricing will likely change as we understand Stitch usage and gather customer feedback! And yes there's storage encryption through Atlas our database as a service.