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Newsletter Blurb: The MongoDB Startup Accelerator offers access to MongoDB Atlas, the fully managed database service, and support to help startups like Radar Labs, Lorem and BubbleIQ build and scale their businesses

Jessica Wolfe
Jesse Krasnostein
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  • Nuri Ha
    Nuri HaSoftware Maker, Speaker, Author

    Leave the Ops part and DBA to the experts, focus on your product.


    You may get addicted to "free", forgetting that value has it's price. Not currently offered on Azure.

    It's really a no-brainer: If you use mongo as your backend, this gives you free credits to run fully managed mongo as a service. Takes the pain out of install and ops of the database, freeing you to focus on product and applications.

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Alex Kistenev
Alex KistenevPro@sprinter · CEO of Standuply — #1 Slack Standup Bot
This is awesome!
Nicki Laycoax
Nicki Laycoax@nickilaycoax · Sign up for oogur.com!
I look forward to being a part of this accelerator! We are already using Mongo for oogur.com, and the benefits that this accelerator lists on the Mongo site are really exciting. Thank you, Francesca!
Francesca Krihely
Francesca KrihelyMaker@francium
@nickilaycoax So excited that you're part of the program Nicki! Excited to support more #femalefounders !!
Farbod Saraf
Farbod Saraf@farbodsaraf · Co-founder Everboard.io (YC SUS17)
Kenneth Rinaldi
Kenneth Rinaldi@kennethrinaldi · Tech student
Great idea!!!
Jacqueline von Tesmar
Jacqueline von Tesmar@jacqvon · Community at Product Hunt ⚡️
Hey @francium, What was your inspiration behind making this product?
Francesca Krihely
Francesca KrihelyMaker@francium
@jacqvon I love working with startups, both offering advice and learning about their vision. Tons of startups were already using MongoDB and running on Atlas, so we pitched an idea to help fund these companies and support their technical growth! this is the second year of the program and we're SO excited to welcome more companies to the accelerator this year and learn about how they're looking to change the world.
Vlad Calus
Vlad Calus@vladcalus · CMO at Planable
Amazing initiative, love the corporate companies want to work more and more with startups. We already applied and waiting for a response.