Vote with your money


MoneyVoice gives you the right to vote at businesses where you spend money. You link a payment card to verify that you are a real customer, and then every purchase earns you one vote at that business. You can vote for what you want the business to do.

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Ever since Carrotmob, this holy grail of consumer creating a tsunami of business change has been just around the corner...


Brent knows consumer-business change


Is it best done as a for-profit?

David, I love this con! :) Well even though for now we're mostly focused on the consumer side, for this to work long-term we need to get businesses on MoneyVoice responding, looking at the data, etc. That means we have to build and scale a SaaS marketing tool. The for-profit path to doing that is well-understood. The non-profit path is not so clear. I tried doing Carrotmob as a non-profit only to have three law firms tell us that we didn't legally qualify as a charitable org because the primary thing we did provided a financial benefit to private interests. The same thing happened to Couchsurfing. So I think it's probably illegal to do this as a non-profit, as outdated as I think that rule is. Don't worry though, we are a Delaware Public Benefit Corporation and we have lots of social benefit plans up our sleeves! And yes, about that tsunami... Sometimes you just need the right product. The masses want to express themselves, but they only actually do it when it is short-form and low-effort. The masses didn't write on Blogger, but they did on Twitter. The masses didn't post on Flickr, but they did on Instagram. The masses don't write reviews on Yelp, but maybe if MoneyVoice gives them an experience that is short-form and low-effort...?

No more to tell. It’s great. Try it


The experience of gvoting is fantastic And the product is excellent.


sometimes I struggle to think of what to suggest or applaud. Maybe just a general “good” or “annoyed” would be nice.