Monday Ready

Periodical performance management

MondayReady enables managers to do a continual and real-time assessment of team members in less than a minute.
Focus is on the growth & improvement rather than just deciding year-end compensation by annual/bi-annual reviews.
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Hello Everyone, As we all know organizations globally are suffering from low productivity and higher attrition of employees due to disengaged employees! MondayReady is a SaaS-based performance management platform with the focus on a continual, lightweight & real-time feedback process to focus on employee development, productivity & engagement. MondayReady is unlike any product available in the industry. It focuses on:- ● Real-time weekly review of individuals. ● Transformation of review & rating data into valuable insights along with actionable performance improvement plan. ● An inbuilt algorithm to predict an employee’s future potential and not just current performance.  ● An employee engagement hook by having self-reviews, peer reviews & manager reviews. ● An employee rating badge (MondayReady Trust Badge) which employees can talk about across organizations. Organizations can also use the badge as a benchmark for their hiring needs. Please try the product and share feedback. It's free for 20 users/organization.
Good to see this on Product Hunt. I have been using it for 3 months now. Mondayready has become the base of employee 1-on-1 for us. Before Mondayready, there was lesser structure to our discussions, now we are more focussed. I wouldn't always ask my employee if they are learning new things or if they are enjoying. With this tool I dont need to remember those questions every time. Helps address the problem early on. I am currently using it weekly for joinees and forth-nightly for old timers. What I would like to see is a suggested list of parameters / questions/KPI that when measured helps me become a better manager and my team members happier/more productive.
Glad to see this being hunted. This is a great idea - especially in these times when constant communication and engagement with employees is a must. There are other competitors but those are too complex. What I like here is the simplicity and the ease of getting started with their question bank. Would love to have more formal structure like OKR and KPI system being incorporated too.
Great to see Monday Ready hunted. We have started rolling this out to our team. The concept of on the go self assessment and the breaking of the stereotypic PDR/annual review process is what works for the product. What makes Monday Ready really good to use is its simple approach to people knowing their true productivity and the ability to introspect. In a new world which is going to be post Covid, it's a given that working ways will change. And I hope to see MondayReady being a handy instrument in this process. ?makers would love to see an OKR, OKA - objective key actions system implemented to this soon, in the simple manner of implementation that MondayReady has today.
An amazing product