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#5 Product of the DayApril 15, 2019
Set your work to run on autopilot and let Automations do the manual labor for you, whether its status updates or due date notifications. This hands-free tool lets you sit back and watch your work get done automatically so you can focus on what really matters!
Daniel Lereya
Pauline Majerczyk
Evgeniy Kazinec
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    Friendly, modern an intuitive UI. Limitless applications. Visual, overview, fantastic support, rapid development of ever more features.


    Monday doesn't yet have dependencies, which limits the applicability in some project planning situations. There are workarounds, though. puts a smile on my face.

    Bart Breeschoten has used this product for one year.
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Dotan Egozi
Dotan EgoziMaker@dotan_egozi1 · Product manager at
Hey Product Hunters, We’re really excited to be here and connect with this talented community of tech entrepreneurs, designers and developers. As a team management tool, is changing the way people manage their work and teams. With that, we’ve recently fully released Automations, a feature built to work for the user in a way that’s intuitive and customizable to meet their workflow needs. This feature significantly improves work processes and eliminates a ton of unnecessary manual labor, so it’s easy to understand why our early adopters love it! They’ve set up really effective automations for their workflows, including: * Assigning teammates to new tasks * Pushing due date to match task status * Notifying teammates when tasks are marked as ‘Done.’ * Moving completed tasks to ‘Archive’ group If your team is also enjoying Automations, join the conversation and let us know below what aspects of your workflow you’re automating! Dotan Product Manager
Alita Angle
Alita Angle@alita_angle
Jason Zerbin
Jason Zerbin@jason_zerbin
Pros - I love Monday, truly. It's beautiful and strikes a great balance between clean and intuitive and deep functionality. Cons - I hate the fundamental pricing model and pricing philosophy and this is another nail in that coffin. Having to pay per us erks me more than a little. I set up basic automation on most of my boards and the thought that I need to go through all of these boards and verify how many automations I'll be using is just silly.
Paul Parsons
Paul Parsons@paulparsons1981
Too expensive.
Daniel Sodkiewicz
Daniel Sodkiewicz@dansodkiewicz · Entrepreneur & Software Engineer
I am getting ads for Monday on YouTube for the last few months, I am surprised they were not hunted earlier 😝